Professional vet services in Dural

We offer a comprehensive range of healthcare services.

Our highly-trained team at Dural Veterinary Hospital make sure your beloved pet lives a healthy and active life by preventing and treating all sorts of diseases and medical problems. We will always offer the best treatments available but also offer more economical options if suitable.

We work every day to find better ways to bring animals back to vitality. 

All-round care for animals

A dog with stethoscope

Our services in Dural are built on a deep interest in long term animal health.

We know the most appropriate and up to date prevention for ticks and fleas. 

Good nutrition is one of the easiest ways to ensure good health and can be used to prevent and manage many illnesses. Ask us for advice.

Pet surgery in safe hands

Recovering cat after undergoing vet services

Even the most simple-sounding surgical procedures require a general anaesthetic and usually some degree of post-operative pain, so we are particularly focussed on anaesthetic safety (pulse-oximetry, isoflurane anaesthesia and dedicated anaesthetic nurse supervision) and post-operative pain relief. Of course the quality of surgery affects outcomes so we aim to be as minimally-invasive and gentle as possible, using quality surgical and dental equipment.

We treat your pet as we would our own. 

Our staff and practice

Vet with puppy

We love animals but we really like people, too!

Phone us or drop in and say hello. If we're not too busy we'll show you around our newly renovated hospital.