Veterinary surgeon with a pup

Friendly and professional veterinary surgeons in Dural

Dural Veterinary Hospital provides your pets with the very best in medical care with state of the art equipment. Our range of veterinary services includes general health care, vaccinations, dental, surgery, X-rays and tick-paralysis treatment. Our facility has just undergone a major renovation under new management.

We're opposite Stonelea Court and the Round Corner shops on Old Northern Road, with lots of parking

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    • Dural Veterinary Hospital
      687 Old Nothern Road
      Dural NSW 2158
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Our services

  • Vaccinations for dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets
  • Flea and tick protection
  • Surgery (including desexing of dogs, cats and rabbits)
  • Lab tests: in-house blood and urine tests, and external laboratory pathology

We are particularly focussed on preventative health measures including preventing and treating dental health problems. We can advise dietary programs for dental health, obesity management and diets for senior pets with health problems such as kidney disease. At Dural Veterinary Hospital our friendly veterinary surgeons and nurses work with you to choose what types of treatments are most suitable for your pet.

Our staff

Dural Veterinary Hospital has a highly qualified medical team. Our goal is to keep your pet as healthy as possible. We are devoted to animal wellbeing and work to provide the highest possible level of medical and surgical care.

Our veterinarians are focussed on preventing disease wherever possible. When health problems and emergencies occur, however, our focussed, problem-solving approach ensures the fastest possible recovery using a cost-effective and minimally-invasive diagnostic approach. Where pain is involved, or even suspected, we will always recommend a compassionate and caring approach to minimise discomfort and distress.

Our nurses do their work because they love animals - they are the ones doing the behind-the-scenes caring, ensuring a comfortable and low-stress visit. Constantly training and learning, they are a truly valuable, and valued, part of the team.